Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Teaser and Spiral Update

Hi everyone, so, first, I wanted to let you know that my editor is enjoying Museum at the moment, so I'm hopeful there won't be too many things I have to change. Also, before I get to the teaser, I just wanted to let you know that Spiral was obviously not released on the first… because it's still with my editor, but should still be out by the end of the month. Since it's kind of out of my hands I will keep you updated here though. :-)

Now, the fun bit. Get a little glimpse of a new character in this one. Here's the teaser! Enjoy.

“I could call you Belle for short,” Trafton offered, his voice filled with honey.
“I wouldn’t,” said Lisabelle.
“Why not?” 
“Because I’m assuming you value your life.”
Trafton turned to me. “What are the odds that she’s joking?”
I didn’t even have to consider the question. “Slim to none.”
“Are you sure?”
“Lisabelle doesn’t joke. The last time she laughed she was probably ten and it was at you. Not with you.”


  1. Oooh I am excited!!

  2. @ obf Yay!! :-)

    @ Happy Reading I'm delighted you are looking forward to it! :-)