Friday, December 5, 2014

Lisabelle and One Black Rose 4!

I already put this on my Facebook Page, but here it is for the blog as well :-)

Panting, I felt the air slam into my lungs in cold, painful bursts. The black landscape stretched and rolled endlessly in front of me as black snow flakes drifted down. The particles looked like the remnants of flames or burning dust, but I knew better. I braced my hands on my knees and fought to breathe, but that only made the throbbing in my arm worse. Plus, it gave me a very good view of my hands. The way the black spirals that covered their backs blended in perfectly with the black snow made me cringe.

"I was worried something had happened to you," I said, looking at the boy standing in front of me, undamaged. A memory flashed in my mind, of a blue-eyed man telling me how important it was that nothing happened to that boy.

"You were?" His gray eyes brightened.

"Yeah, and then who would carry my bags?" I pushed myself upright and picked up my bag again. Without another word, I hefted it and started to trudge forward.

Guess the speakers! They will be appearing in a news series from the POV of ___________? YAY! I am SO excited!

One Black Rose, Book Four. Autumn and Samuel must prepare their wedding, but summer is coming and with it the sweet smell of flowers and changes that no fairy could possibly expect. Can Autumn and Samuel weather the winds as they melt from winter to summer? Or will the warring fairy courts destroy their love until it's dry and trampled like so many flower petals?

One Black Rose, Book Four will be the last of the three to be released, mostly because of promotion. It's been a very long time since the publication of Autumn, and I want to make sure fans of the series have a chance to hear about the release ahead of time! Spread the word! If you're a blogger and want to do promotion PM me 

Thanks so much! Like I said, I'm really excited!

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