Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Release date and teaser


So, I do believe Museum of Masks will be released by the end of April. I am shooting for April 20th, but since publishing it involves my editors having the proper amount of time to go through it I am not making any promises just yet for that exact day, but woho! The time is almost here! Yay.

Now, here's a teaser. Enjoy.

Sitting in the library, Lanca watched Lough trail out the door after Lisabelle. “What do you think is going to end up happening between those two?”
Sip glanced up from her book, her purple eyes sparkling. “If she doesn’t kill him? They’ll end up married. Don’t tell her I said that,” she added quickly.
Lanca and I both looked at her like she was crazy. Then Lanca started to laugh. Her whole body was engulfed in amused shakes. “I can totally see that happening.”
It was the first time I had seen the vampire princess laugh sine Tale died last semester. And it was over the prospect of Lough and Lisabelle, not just together, but getting married. Sip actually believed that was possible. As usual, my eyes flicked to Keller. He was leaning against a bookcase, arms crossed over his chest. Pale skin stood out against the dark fabric of his t-shirt and the weight of his arms dragging on his shirt made his chest more visible and defined. I remembered his arm sliding past me in my room before Christmas break, muscles taught as he moved. Suddenly conscious of being caught staring, I shifted my gaze back to my desk. I missed his eyes turning towards me.
“Don’t laugh so hard,” said Sip, pointing her pencil at Lanca - one of the vampires around her growled and Sip dropped the pencil. The vampires didn’t care who it was, no one was allowed to threaten Lanca after what happened at the Dash finals. - Sip continued, “If Lisabelle get’s married her misery will want company.”
“What do you mean by that?” I asked suspiciously.
Sip picked up the pencil again and calmly started to write. “She will make us all be bridesmaids.”
I flinched. Lanca nodded knowingly. “She’s just that kind of mean. Demons would be anything compared to trying to deal with Lisabelle on her wedding. I’d take fighting the President over that any day. Can you imagine what she will make us wear?” I had a vision of black dresses with long sleeves, for most people probably more fitting for a funeral procession. From the looks on Lanca and Sip's faces their thoughts were along similar lines. 
Just then Keller shifted into my line of vision and I felt myself sighing. When he was studying his face was clear and concentrated, there was no frown. His smooth forehead was only covered by a single curl of dark hair. I wished he was still my tutor. I wished he would kiss me again. 

Maddy :-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Museum of Masks Quote

Little different this time. Here's a bit from more of an action scene. Enjoy!

“There’s no way anyone else is getting out of there alive. Let it go!” yelled Professor Lambros. Tears made her eyes bright as she shoved me further away.
I tripped as I turned, landing on the ground, cushioned by the dusty mud that covered it. I looked wildly back at the Tower. Flames shot out from every angle, every window was ablaze in orange fire. It kept growing higher and higher into the night sky, as if trying to touch the heavens. Fingers of flame reached around to meet each other, linking in greeting, making ever larger chains as the Tower burned. Black smoke ran in streams like water pouring from a faucet. I blinked rapidly as the acrid air hit my eyes.
All I knew was that a paranormal had kept the pathway clear for us. A paranormal had made sure we were safe.
It could only have been one person.
“KELLER,” I screamed. “KELLER.” I felt like I had been punched in the gut. I wanted to put both hands on my stomach to stop the pain, but I knew it wouldn’t go away.

Monday, March 19, 2012

New Series! Spiral.

Hi Everyone, so I've been working on this for a while and now that the cover is almost done I wanted to share. I am starting a new series and the first book is going to be titled Spiral. I'm very excited about it and I hope you are too!! :-) Below is the cover and the book description. The cover was done by the amazing Victoria Faye and I love it so so much! Check it out.

And here's the description:

Natalie Monroe has had some strange experiences in her life.
She has the ability to heal with her touch, but she doesn't know why… 
          No one can lie in her presence…
          And she has white hair and silver eyes... 

Her best friend AJ has stood by her through everything, while the new guy in town, Pierce Hudson, has the same silver eyes.

And Pierce knows why.

Pierce and Natalie have the same eyes because they’re both descendants of unicorns. 

Nothing is simple for Natalie any more.  There are unknown forces coming after her from all sides, and no one is telling her the whole truth.

Yay!! Release date is April 1st. :-)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Museum of Masks Quote

Hi Everyone,
So, I still don't have an exact release date, but I have been working on Museum of Masks and have decided that from now on every Tuesday I will try and share a quote with you all. So, just in case any of you forgot about the special relationship between Sip and Lisabelle, here's a reminder. Enjoy :-)

Lough picked up his lunch tray and headed out of the dining hall. As he was walking away Lisabelle stared at his back, her spoon trailing through her soup.
“I wonder if he’s on something. Happy pills maybe. It’s definitely not normal to be that pleasant,” said Lisabelle thoughtfully.
“If he is we should ask him to share some with you,” said Sip, ducking the napkin Lisabelle threw at her while I laughed. “Then again,” Sip continued, grinning wickedly, “he might not have enough.”

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lots of good books

Hi Everyone,

Samantha Young recently did an amazing, awesome, and delightful review of One Black Rose. She reviews a lot of books (where she finds the time when she's so busy writing great books of her own I don't know), so if you are looking around for books to read you might check out this:


She has a list of a lot of titles there that look really good, including one of mine!! So exciting. Ahh.

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend.