Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Museum of Masks Quote

Hi Everyone,
So, I still don't have an exact release date, but I have been working on Museum of Masks and have decided that from now on every Tuesday I will try and share a quote with you all. So, just in case any of you forgot about the special relationship between Sip and Lisabelle, here's a reminder. Enjoy :-)

Lough picked up his lunch tray and headed out of the dining hall. As he was walking away Lisabelle stared at his back, her spoon trailing through her soup.
“I wonder if he’s on something. Happy pills maybe. It’s definitely not normal to be that pleasant,” said Lisabelle thoughtfully.
“If he is we should ask him to share some with you,” said Sip, ducking the napkin Lisabelle threw at her while I laughed. “Then again,” Sip continued, grinning wickedly, “he might not have enough.”


  1. oo yay cant wait till it comes out
    hope it soon

    1. Yay :-) Hopefully will have a date soon!

    2. thats good cant wait good luck with the next book hope its as good as the last one

  2. Love the first book ready for the next