Monday, April 30, 2012

Tuesday or Wednesday release

Hi Everyone,

Museum of Masks is going to be uploaded Tuesday or Wednesday according to my editor. When she tells me she is uploading it I will do a post. I would just like to say thanks to everyone for being patient. I really appreciate it. I know you all have been waiting a really long while and been taking time out of your day to check in with me. You are all wonderful. Just so everyone knows, I was due to move at the end of April, and the plan was to publish Museum right before I did that, but I ended up moving in the middle of April, which threw everyone off. Before I release my next book I am going to figure out a better way to do release dates. I will just have to build in some time to the schedule to allow for unexpected events happening in my life and the life of the people who put so much work into getting the book out. I am always so excited to get the books out that I want to release them at the soonest possible date, but I have an editor, beta readers and proofreaders and they all have their own lives to factor in as well. I very much want to do right by them and by you my delightful readers, so I will need to figure that out in the future. I desperately wanted an April release date, but it is, in fact, going to be May first or second. I'm very sorry about this, but I am glad my editor had the time she needed and that I am happily ensconced in my new home. I'll be in touch tomorrow or Wednesday. Can't wait!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Here's another teaser. Won't be long now! :-)

“This is for my mother,” I breathed. “And for every other elemental who should be here, but isn’t.” Eyes burning, I stepped into the forcefield and was consumed. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Museum of Masks info and teaser

Hi everyone,
As you may have noticed there was no teaser last week, which was because I had to move. Suddenly. Everything is fine, in fact I'm very happy, but it set things back and made me miss a week. For that I apologize. Now, on to the information. My editor still has Museum of Masks, so it doesn't look like it will release Friday, but it will still be April. I know you all have been waiting for it a while and I have been waiting to release it for a while. I hope you will all bear with me. When I have more info you all will be the first to know. Now, here is a teaser. Enjoy.

“Yay for family dinners,” said Ricky grinning. “This outta be fun.”
I couldn’t help it. I giggled and settled in for another visit with my brother.
“I’m home. I’m going to cook everyone dinner to celebrate.” I bustled around the kitchen. Everything felt odd and unfamiliar. At the best of times I was not a good cook - even if Ricky tactfully never actually came out and said that - and now having been at college for a year I was not only still bad, but rusty to boot.
Ricky’s dusty blond eyebrows disappeared under his bangs. “If we are celebrating why are you cooking? Shouldn’t dad and I get a chance to be happy? Lets order pizza. I’ll let you dial.”

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Teaser and Spiral Update

Hi everyone, so, first, I wanted to let you know that my editor is enjoying Museum at the moment, so I'm hopeful there won't be too many things I have to change. Also, before I get to the teaser, I just wanted to let you know that Spiral was obviously not released on the first… because it's still with my editor, but should still be out by the end of the month. Since it's kind of out of my hands I will keep you updated here though. :-)

Now, the fun bit. Get a little glimpse of a new character in this one. Here's the teaser! Enjoy.

“I could call you Belle for short,” Trafton offered, his voice filled with honey.
“I wouldn’t,” said Lisabelle.
“Why not?” 
“Because I’m assuming you value your life.”
Trafton turned to me. “What are the odds that she’s joking?”
I didn’t even have to consider the question. “Slim to none.”
“Are you sure?”
“Lisabelle doesn’t joke. The last time she laughed she was probably ten and it was at you. Not with you.”