Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Museum of Masks info and teaser

Hi everyone,
As you may have noticed there was no teaser last week, which was because I had to move. Suddenly. Everything is fine, in fact I'm very happy, but it set things back and made me miss a week. For that I apologize. Now, on to the information. My editor still has Museum of Masks, so it doesn't look like it will release Friday, but it will still be April. I know you all have been waiting for it a while and I have been waiting to release it for a while. I hope you will all bear with me. When I have more info you all will be the first to know. Now, here is a teaser. Enjoy.

“Yay for family dinners,” said Ricky grinning. “This outta be fun.”
I couldn’t help it. I giggled and settled in for another visit with my brother.
“I’m home. I’m going to cook everyone dinner to celebrate.” I bustled around the kitchen. Everything felt odd and unfamiliar. At the best of times I was not a good cook - even if Ricky tactfully never actually came out and said that - and now having been at college for a year I was not only still bad, but rusty to boot.
Ricky’s dusty blond eyebrows disappeared under his bangs. “If we are celebrating why are you cooking? Shouldn’t dad and I get a chance to be happy? Lets order pizza. I’ll let you dial.”


  1. Ricky is just too cute with his old soul!

  2. I love Ricky he is so cute and funny! Love your books. Can't wait for Museum Of Masks to come out!

    1. @ Ella, thank you so much. That makes me so happy. And yes, Ricky's so much fun!