Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spiral Quote

“Oh Pierce, didn’t see you there,” I said, examining my cup like it was my job.
“Sure you didn’t,” said Pierce dryly. “How am I ever supposed to impress you if you don’t follow me around?”
“You can impress me anytime,” said Maxie. “You already have.”
"Sorry, but you probably can’t impress me. I'm not attracted to tall guys,” said Jill, craning her neck upwards to look at Pierce. He wasn’t that tall, but he was an inch or two over six feet.
"I'm attracted to all guys,” said Maxie, grinning. “Jill, you should be more positive. You're mean when we talk about guys." 
"As opposed to other times when I’m a sweetheart," said Jill.
“See? She acknowledges the bright side, then she discards it,” said Maxie, exasperated.

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