Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spiral Quote # 2

This is a quote from pretty early on. Enjoy :-)

I wasn’t about to admit it to my friends, not with sleeping and the nightmares that came with it looming in front of me, but I really hoped that Jill’s funny feeling turned out to be right this time. My whole body had tingled every time I looked at Pierce, and I thought it was definitely something I could get used to. I just wished I knew more about who he really was. 
“He kept looking your way,” Maxie hissed at me.
I scoffed. “He’s out of my league. He’s so far out of my league I can’t even see the league he’s in. They don’t even associate.”
Maxie shook her head. “He kept looking your way.”
It stirred something deep inside me, something that Maxie had talked about ad nauseam, but not something I ever pictured for myself. I had never thought I could have that. Now that I had seen Pierce, I wasn't so sure.

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