Thursday, May 7, 2015

One Black Rose 5 Now Available!

Solstice Sea (One Black Rose 5) is now available here!! Yay! Just as a reminder, this book returns to Autumn and Samuel's story!

In other news, I'm fixing to get both One Black Rose and Paranormal Public, the first books in each series, in paperback. This should happen in the coming weeks, and I'm ridiculously excited to have physical books to hold! Stay tuned!

On another note, Paranormal Public is getting a brand new cover. I have it, it's gorgeous, and I'm going to reveal it tomorrow!


  1. Please please don't let Samuel and autumn break up over Holt it isn't worth it! They are perfect together! Not her and holt! Samuel is perfect and amazing and I don't care if his family hates her I just need Samuel to stay in love with her! I've waited so long for the latest book just to have my heart ripped out at the thought of holt stealing her back! Thanks for writing them they are amazing!

  2. I think I am waiting too long for a continuation of the One Black Rose series. How long again for book 7. It's been ages. I am dying for Holts return.

    1. Unknown, did you see Rose Sea? I'm not sure when the next one is coming after that, but you can sign up for my new release newsletter right here at the blog!

  3. When will book 7 be out? I just finished Rose Sea.

  4. Yay Rose Sea! Thanks for getting in touch. Hopefully in a couple of months! I just did a post about it above.