Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What's in a name?

Hello Lovely Readers,
I have to choose a name for the next installment of Paranormal Public and I thought I'd go to you all for help. I have several options, but can't decide. 

Elemental Earth
Elemental Lost
Elemental Regret
Elemental Dream

Thoughts? Votes? Feedback welcome 


  1. Elemental Earth seems like the next logical choice- We have had elemental fire and elemental air.

  2. I agree. Elemental Earth is the best choice for this next one. Lost and Regret are both too sad, even if this book has a sad story, either one might discourage readers (I do like happy endings tho ... makes it easier to wait for the next book :). And Elemental Dream seems like it might be be better for a final, very happy ending. Thanks! I am soooo excited to read the upcoming books in this series.

  3. Elemental earth does seem pretty logical. But when I think of elemental dream it makes me think of lough and I love that. I do have to admit that I was immediately drawn to elemental regret. But your right it does sound sad. So I guess I would have to go with elemental lost. I love the title and its so intriguing and mysterious it's great! It just sucks me right in. But in the end... I guess I'm not much help. So yeah! I'll read the book... Whatever you call it!

  4. @ Angela, I think Elemental Earth is a clear favorite. Thanks so much for your input! It really makes the decision easier.

    @ Phoenix, I'm glad you like Elemental Earth too. I'm seeing more and more how it's a good choice. I too like happy endings, although I don't mind a book with a cliffhanger as long as there's another one. It's just so hard not knowing the fate of my favorite characters! I desperately want them to be okay. Oh, and I'm delighted you're enjoying the series. :-) I love writing them and it's wonderful to hear!

    @ AH^2, hehehehe, no that was very helpful! I hadn't even thought of Lough in relation to Elemental Dream and now that you say it he's obvious! I love Elemental Lost too, but it is sad. Unfortunately, there's going to be sadness in the next three books, so Elemental Lost might work well! Delighted you're enjoying the series!

  5. I have read every book in order and cant wait for the next one but i agree with the name elemental earth. It would just seem a little confusing with the two previous books beeing called fire and air so it would just seem appropriate to use the remaining elements for two future book titles.

  6. Hi Finley, yay!! That's awesome. Everyone's making a good point about Elemental Earth. Thanks for your input :-)

  7. I like Elemental Earth. It just fits in how the books are falling into place. Love the books and my kids are getting into them now...YAY!!!! Thank yo for your talent of writing. It is greatly appreciated.

  8. Elemental earth it fits better with the other books