Monday, September 24, 2012

E-mail Issues :/

This is probably only for a random few of you, but it seems my e-mail has been compromised, or something. Not sure yet. It might involve me getting a new e-mail address, but apparently e-mails I have been sending have not actually reached their intended recipients and a few e-mails people have sent me haven't gotten through to me. And if you are like my mom let me answer the first question she asked me, no, I know the missing e-mails are not in the Spam folder, because I DO check it. :-)

I try to answer everyone's messages, so if you have sent me something and I haven't responded please send it again and I am sorry for being a delinquent e-mailer. It was not intentional, so I'm frustrated. Usually I like to choose when I'm behaving like a delinquent.

Happy start to the week!



  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Same characters included! I'll do a post in the next couple of days giving more details :-) I'm delighted you enjoy reading it!

  3. Dang I really wish I hadn't read that comment...I just finished book 2 :(....

    sorry about the email problems!

  4. Oh no!!!! I just deleted the comment! I'm so sorry. Boo. Don't worry too much. I think good news is on the horizon :/

  5. Did u pull museum of mask I looked for it on my archive books for Amazon but couldn't find it

  6. Hi JamieJo, humm, I did change the name to Elemental Rising, but it's the exact same book. Does that help? Even if I took it down I think it should still be on your Kindle, because you bought it and such. Let me know if that helps!!

  7. Speaking of Elemental Rising.... the next book in the series will be published, when? :D

    1. Hehehe, I just did a post about it. November! When I have a hard and fast date I will update you :-) Thanks for checking in!