Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spiral Update

So, Spiral. I have a pretty cover up for it and a description and it's been written and sent to my editor twice, and yet it's not up! Why? Here's the explanation.

Basically, both my editor and I feel like there is something missing. After the first round of writing I had three people read it and they offered wonderful suggestions, and I liked it a lot better, but there was still something wrong. My editor just read it again and we agree that it's still missing something.


I have decided to totally scrap what I have and start fresh. The basic concept is the same. I like the idea I am working with, but I am going to write the book again. I don't want to publish something I'm not proud of and am less than confident you all will enjoy. Of course, I realize that it makes Spiral very very late and that's disappointing for me as well as for you, but I think in the long run it will be best. I have about 25,000 words of the new version (Elemental Rising finished at 80,000 words for those of you that need a benchmark) and since I write pretty fast once I get going I am hoping to have it finished in good time.

I will keep you posted. I appreciate your support and patience! :-)


  1. Hey Maddy, hope your writing is going good this time :)

  2. Harriet! Hullo-ullo, just writing a post to update everyone! Thanks for checking in :-)